Connections essay

In today’s society of colloquial speech and slang, we place little value on the power of language. We see it as a means to communicate our thoughts and feelings, unaware that the way we use certain words and inflections on our voice can manipulate the opinion of the person we are speaking to. The aspect of language that we sometimes fail to consider, is how powerfully restriction on speech can restrict the way we think. If you do no have the words with which to express your opinions, you never share them, and your personal view gets lost, never leaving your mind. In the texts ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ by George Orwell, ‘Minority Report’ directed by Steven Spielberg, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ written by Margaret Atwood and ______ , visual and written language are used by those in power to repress rebellion. EXPAND ON CONCLUSIONS.

In the novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ written by George Orwell,  their is evidence of the government using language to repress rebellion from the very beginning, with the immediate introduction of newspeak.  Newspeak; the official language of Oceania, created by the Party (INGSOC) to meet the ideological requirements of an English Socialist society.

In the novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ written by Margaret Atwood,  a slightly different method is use to control the lesser people in society, but it is still in the form of manipulation of language.


  • Establishes the overarching idea/aspect – neologisms
  • Identify the texts you will refer to
  • Expand on what conclusions this has lead you to


  • 1 sections on each text
  • introduce text you’ve chosen, do not summarise the plot
  • Name, author, connecting feature
  • Expand on how your ideas about the connecting feature were developed by the text
  • Give quoted examples to support what you’re saying
  • Make a link to the next section
  • All the way through – Identify dystopian genre

Minority Report

  • Escapist virtual reality
  • Lying to the population
  • Pre cogs as statues
  • world has been whitewashed, sanitized
  • Children in white being shown the pre cog statues. Lied to

The Handmaid’s Tale
– Certain roles are not restricted by speech e.g. Commanders, wives
– Freedom of speech give them power over
– Restricted speech for lesser people, agreed upon greeting, respectful language
– This encourages mass hysteria, fear of punishment means no individual thought is expressed.
– Theocratic dictatorship
– Removing small elements of language can make arguments difficult.

Power corrupts. When humans acquire power over one another, there is an inevitability about what happens next. The powerful use this to their own advantage. Any morals they may have held are abandoned in their corrupt pursuit of control.

A common element in many dystopia’s is the invasion of privacy. The state over steps the boundary and invades people’s private lives to the extent that in many cases the very thoughts of an individual fall under state control.

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