One Reply to “Practise Question: 3.1 Nineteen Eighty-Four”

  1. The strengths of this essay are:

    1. You have clearly addressed the question and taken a clear position.
    2. You use specific examples from the text and support these with quotations
    3. You demonstrate an appreciation of the purpose of the novel and the author’s intention

    Areas for development

    1. You don’t always reinforce the notion that the STRONGEST ideas come through the details – be very careful to pay close attention to every word of the statement.
    2. When the question called for you to discuss details, you tended to discuss major elements. The way to answer the question a little more accurately would be to concentrate on the details WITHIN the ideas you’re presenting. Give examples of specific newspeak words and the way they infer something more than they first appear to. “Ministry of Truth, Minitrue” for example.
    3. You are encouraged to develop a connection either to other dystopian texts (by all means mention the genre) or the world today (or in 1984, or in 1950) throughout your piece rather than leaving this to the end.
    4. Remember you’re encouraged to write an initial statement in your introduction that addresses the question as an idea, before you directly apply to this to the text, think in terms of the piece we wrote for our internal assessment

    Hope this helps!


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