School education is a waste of the best years of our lives

‘High school is the best years of your life’

People often refer to a school education as the best years of our lives. The years where we are young, free and reckless. These are the years we should be living, thriving, taking every single opportunity that life presents to us. So why is it that while we are at the peak of physical health, it is mandatory for us to attend 6 hours worth of scheduled classes, five days a week? All adults who have been through school, have had to experience the better part of their lives stuck in a classroom, agree that there time could have been better spent elsewhere. Doing productive things with their day that don’t include spending 6 hours inside a classroom, mingling with acquaintances that they will never see after those 13 years are over, surrounded by insecurity and failure. Couldn’t children’s time be better spent playing outdoors, learning about real life? We waste so much of their time trying force core subjects and cram information into their brains that will immediately be forgotten once the exam or test is over, never truly pushing our students to the limits of our potential. For example, only 41% of American school day is spend 50% less time of their day studying the core subjects (Maths, Science, History, English) than French or Japanese students. Another study shows that the increased amount of time we are forcing children to spend in this type of learning environment, is likely to lower achievement. Students fall behind because they are bored of spending so much time indoors, learning unnecessary facts. Even if students were to pay attention during classes, how likely is it that they would actually be taught the skills they need to survive in the real world? The school curriculum is not comprised of any skills that will help kids be functioning adults. There is no importance placed on cooking, cleaning, paying bills or learning about taxes. The distribution of spending and how it will effect our adult lives. School days are just 6 hours of learning facts that will not come in handy, nine times out of ten.

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